Thursday, 29 November 2012

A lifeline....

As a relatively new blogger, I have been looking around the internet for inspiration and tips about starting a new blog.  This article really stood out to me as it is written in an easy to understand manner, full of great information and the 10 commandments really made me smile - how often have I arrived at a blog and closed the page a second or two later when irritating loud music started to play!

I am still working on whether a 'life blog' is the right way for me to go or whether I need to focus on a certain topic, hobby or interest - I would be really interested in what people think so please leave a comment down below!

I also feel I should 'big up' this blog post as it gives some great ideas when writer's block/brain freeze happens!

Well hope everyone has a great Thursday... just think.... it's nearly the weekend! :)

Take care,


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