Sunday, 25 November 2012

What's In My Bag? November 2012 Edition

Hey all!

So this has to be one of my favourite things to look at - be it on Flickr, youtube and other blogs. Here is my version using some lovely instagram pictures! :)

So this is my current bag - it's a black satchel-style bag from Next which I bought earlier this year. It has a popper closure, 2 large pockets, a zip pocket and a mobile phone pocket on the inside and another pocket on the outside of the bag on the back. I use this bag for everything at the moment but do get bored with bags and change it out quite often!

This photo badly shows the contents of my bag, which is as follows: a reusable Paperchase shopping bag, my walking pharmacy, my Nico purse/wristlet, my Red A5 Filofax and a black case containing my two external hard-drives. The black hard-disk case comes everywhere with me - it has my photographic life on it and so I can't bare to leave it at home.

So here is the final photo showing the items in my walking pharmacy.  The contents of my walking pharmacy are: a Tesco hand sanitiser, the Little Green Tin lip balm, a Lush Charity Pot (hand cream), spearmint Extra gum, mini Sudocrem pot, a mini Solitaire Maglite and a pair of tweezers.

Since taking these photos a few other bits have appeared in my bag: a pair of Apple iPhone headphones, a pocket packet of tissues, painkillers, a packet of polos and an Impulse Thrill body fragrance.

Of course, my iPhone occasionally lives in my handbag but if I have pockets I put my phone in that instead.

Well I hope you liked looking in my bag.

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Em :)

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