Saturday, 26 January 2013

Decision Made

So, the final decision has been made and after looking into lots of different options, I have decided to stick with one blog which will cover my photographic and general life stories. If I kept two blogs running, I would be rushing to post on both whereas I want to be able to focus my attention and time on one blog in the hope of making it the best it can be. I hope you guys think I made the right decision.  

I will keep my old blog around for a little while so I can check I have moved everything over - this is a great post by Lauren Bracken Designs about blending two blogs into one.  The post itself is a year old but works perfectly. It was a real relief to find it as I won't lose any of my posts from my old blog and they now have been slotted into this blog.

Well, I truly hope I have made the right decision and I hope you will keep following and commenting on this, my main blog.

Please do comment and let me know if you have had to make a similar decision and what your final decision was.

Best wishes, 

Em :)

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