Monday, 23 June 2014

A New Start....

Hi everyone!

I think an apology is in order, an apology for the lack of posts and this blog being so unloved. I really don't know what has happened... all good plans and that! So I apologise for the lack of blogging and sharing, both of which I enjoy doing. I hope that this blog will come back alive again and the community which was slowly building will start again - bit by bit!

So here I sit, on my sofa, working out what my first blog post in some time should include. I am slightly distracted I must be honest as Brazil are playing Cameroon in the World Cup. Men in shorts are very distracting!! :) Brazil are currently leading 3-1 in case anyone was wondering! I definitely have World Cup fever which is being slightly interrupted by Wimbledon fever - another weakness of mine! Random fact is I am a qualified tennis referee and also a very rusty tennis coach. I am hoping to get back into tennis soon as I do miss playing.

Well, I guess I'd better talk about photography a little bit, that's what you are here for right? I must be honest this year has been pretty quiet photography wise. It's been a semi-purposeful thing but I wish I had done more now I look back and think about it. Don't get me wrong I have been taking photos - mainly on my iPhone 5 and using the wonderful Instagram (I have an obsession with Instagram.... I wonder if Instagram Annoymous exists!). You can see my Instagram photos here, feel free to comment and like and all that good stuff - it's always nice to find new people to follow! :)

I think my plans for the next few blog posts are a look back over the year so far. Most of the photos shared will be from my iPhone with the occasional Canon photo thrown in for good measure!

Here's a new photo to start....

Last Friday (20th June 2014) my friend Kate and I visited Bristol Zoo for one of their evening openings. It was a fantastic offer I found through Groupon - it was too good to resist as I am a real softie when it comes to animals! I have been to Bristol Zoo before and the gorillas have always been a favourite of mine (closely followed by the lions and monkeys) so seeing the mother and baby gorilla relaxing in the evening sun was a real highlight. They looked so happy and content. It was a lovely thing to see. This is my favourite photo from the evening so I thought I would share! :)

Here's to starting over and blogging again! Feel free to comment - I always like a good natter!

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