Sunday, 2 August 2015

A month in photos - July 2015

Hi everyone,

So I have decided to start doing a monthly photo round up to share with you a bit more about my life through the photographs I take. The photos I will use for this will mostly come from Instagram as I am a bit of an instagram-a-holic! You can find me here on Instagram.

Here we go, the first month in photos:

July is my birthday month (3rd July to be exact) and so the month started with a trip to Devon to visit friends. We ate out at Bronx Bar & 'Cue on the Friday 3rd and played Marvel Monopoly. Saturday 4th consisted of a trip to Dartmouth and a meal at Rockfish followed by a drink in Torquay and the day finished with playing cards and chilling at my friends house. On Sunday 5th, I travelled back home via a brief shopping trip to Exeter - a city I love to visit.

The following weekend (11th July 2015), my friend and I went to see the Lucha Future show at the Royal Albert Hall in London. I have never seen or been into the Royal Albert Hall and it's fair to say it's a very impressive building. Following the show, which was a rush to get to due to being stuck in traffic, I was able to take a photo of the building and the Albert Memorial which stands in Hyde Park opposite the hall.

I know I haven't said much about during the week and to be honest there is little to report. I work a tiring full time job so there is rarely time to take photographs. Although now I have started these monthly round ups, I think it will give me some motivation to get clicking more often!

Friday 18th July was my friends 2nd Hen Do! Yes, she is that greedy! Only joking Jess! We enjoyed a night out in Birmingham with a meal at a Chinese restaurant followed by drinks at a local bar. Saturday was a lovely sunny day and the afternoon was filled with playing golf. I have had a short break from golf, but it was lovely to get back on the course. I could certainly tell I hadn't played for a while as 'bum shots' (wow that's a technical phrase!) were plenty, but I managed to go round the 18 holes in my lowest score. So something I was taught must have stuck, I also enjoy watching golf and I think that has been helping too.

The last weekend of this month involved a trip to Port Talbot, Wales where I had been booked to photograph a wrestling show for Royal Imperial Wrestling. The show was great fun and the atmosphere was amazing! Here are a selection of my favourite shots from the show:

Well that brings me up to date, I hope you liked reading and seeing my July update! How has your July been? What's your July highlight?

Until next time,

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